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Who We Serve

Answer Nest offers multi-industry live answering solutions.

Our first priority is to answer your phone calls and ensure the satisfaction of your callers. All our receptionists are trained to handle calls across a range of industries including legal, medical, and service providers.

Industry Specific Solutions

We understand that your business needs are unique. Because of this, we offer answering services for a wide range of industries, including:

Service Providers

Service businesses include plumbers, electricians, caterers, contractors, funeral homes, photographers, etc. Regardless of the service you provide, keeping track of your work and talking to your customers at the same time is a constant balancing act.


People who work in the health care field know that everything they do with patients’ needs to be done in a professional and caring way. Calls to medical, dental, and clinics are answered, and appointments are made 24 hours a day with our medical answering service.


Most law firms are too busy to take on new clients because they already have so many. It can be hard to do everything at once, especially when you have to answer hundreds of calls and keep track of everyone’s time.

Technical Support/ IT

When technology goes wrong, it’s up to you to fix it. Our Information Technology Answering Service and Help Desk service make sure you can help when the number of calls is high or after-hours when staff might not be readily available.


Run your store while we take care of the calls with our customer service and order management that are great 24/7/365.

Real Estate

There’s no 9-to-5 in real estate. Scheduling showings, taking in rental applications by phone, and responding to maintenance calls are all things we do.


Our finance support service lets you give the finest service to clients. We offer the best receptionist service for busy individuals in the finance industry who still need to make sure all of their calls are answered while still focusing on their business.

Non Profits

Non-profits have specific demands and constraints that make hiring additional full-time employees financially unfeasible. One missed call may cost a nonprofit thousands of dollars in lost donations, sponsorships, and ticket sales. A non-profit answering service is an effective way of handling these and other issues.

How We Help

With real receptionists available 24 hours a day, you'll never miss a call.

Minimize missed calls

With our 24/7 availability and optional after-hours live answering service, we can take your calls whenever they come in.

Bilingual service

Those who call us will find that our bilingual answering service is just as helpful in Spanish as it is in English.

Customized greeting

An effortless caller experience is guaranteed through personalized welcomes and scripted responses to frequently asked inquiries.

How it Works

1. Setup

Tell us about your company, your desired greeting, and the manner in which you would like us to interact with the people who contact you.

From “hi” to “goodbye,” the entire conversation is under your control.

2. We take your calls

Begin forwarding calls.

To your callers, we will sound like we are part of your staff. Our friendly receptionists are happy to answer questions, set appointments, place orders, interpret, take messages and/or transfer calls to you or your staff.

At any time, you may change how you want us to greet your customers.

3. Receive your messages

Once the call ends, you will receive a message including the caller’s contact information and their message delivered to your email and/or SMS.

Compare the savings…

You can save up to 90% by hiring a virtual receptionist


Hourly Rate (24/7)

Health + Dental

Sick days + Vacation

Office Space + Equipment


Direct Hire


$5.25/hour (@ 35%)

$1.95/hour (@ 13%)

$0.75/hour (@ 5%)


Virtual Receptionist


Frequently asked questions

What is a 24/7 answering service?

It’s a service in which calls to your business can be answered at any time of day or night by the helpful and knowledgeable receptionists of a 24/7 answering service. Your consumers can reach a real person, guaranteeing that they will receive the same high level of service they have come to expect from your company.

Why should I use a live answering service instead of a receptionist in my own office?

The cost of employing a full-time receptionist might be rather high. In contrast, a live answering service utilizes cutting-edge telecommunications technology to provide around-the-clock support for your business at remarkably low cost, allowing you to redirect those savings toward other areas of operation.

Do you charge additional fees for your bilingual answering service?

Our bilingual receptionists can take your calls in either English or Spanish at no extra cost.

Do you charge per call, per minute or per month?

You’ll select a minute per month plan according to the number of minutes you anticipate using.

We bill on a per-minute basis, so you’ll only pay for the actual time an agent spends working on your account over the phone, including any after-call work done to take your messages.